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san luis obispo septicHaving trouble with your San Luis Obispo septic system? Having even more trouble finding an experienced sanitation company to suit your needs at an affordable rate? Well worry not, Ingram and Greene Sanitation is here to fulfill your needs.

Since our establishment in 1952, we here at Ingram and Greene Sanitation have earned a name for ourselves as top-notch septic engineers, with an unmatched devotion to fulfilling our customers’ needs.

A family owned and operated business; we are proud members of our community and aim only to give back to the beautiful community that we grew up in. With our over 60 years of experience in the sanitation industry we have taken the time to learn the best ways to suit our customers’ needs and provide you with superior and unrelenting customer service.

We have proved time and time again to our valued customers that nothing means more to us than their satisfaction, that’s why here at Ingram and Greene Sanitation, Customer Service is our #1 priority.

Ingram and Greene Sanitation has serviced the Central Coast longer than any of our competitors, and that shows in our knowledge of our field of work. The sanitation industry is by no means simple, understanding a septic system can be incredibly complex, so knowing how one works is crucial.

But our customers don’t have to worry about how well-versed we are, at Ingram and Greene all of our engineers have a thorough understanding of Septic San Luis Obispo systems. The basic septic system consists of a tank and a drain field or a leach field. You can say the tank acts as a “solids trap.” Inside the tank, solids are separated from the liquids and help to allow bacteria to break them down. Once broken down into liquid form, they pass into the drain field where they are filtered into the soil.

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